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These ten items of the engine are easy to "reverse" or "wrong"

These ten Items of the Engine are Easy to "Reverse" or "Wrong"

On the engine, some parts can be installed on both sides, and some are non-positioning parts. If it is slightly sloppy, it is easy to install or reverse. Therefore, it is specifically proposed here that attention should be paid to the repair or replacement of parts.

1. Cylinder Head Gasket: When assembling, the side with curling should face the cylinder head; if it is installed, it will leak air early and burn the cylinder cushion, which will affect its service life.

2.Piston: The horseshoe-shaped groove on the top of the piston or the tip of the peach-shaped tip on the top should face upwards; if it is installed, it is not conducive to the mixing of fuel and air. The fuel that has not been burned can not produce secondary eddy current and the combustion is incomplete, resulting in the diesel engine not being able to Not working properly after starting or starting.

3.Connecting rod & Piston:  The oil hole at the small end of the connecting rod and the horseshoe-shaped groove at the top of the piston or the peach-shaped tip at the top of the piston should be on the same side; otherwise, the small end bushing of the connecting rod and the piston pin cannot be lubricated. Form dry friction.

4.Connecting Rod & Main Bearings: If it is a newly replaced bearing, it will not be divided into upper and lower; if it is used after the bearing, it should be installed according to the original position, and should not be changed up or down, otherwise it will affect the journal The relationship with the bearing bush.

5.Connecting Rod Cover & Rod: The big end of the connecting rod and the back of the connecting rod cover part have the assembly mark, and when combined, the marked side should be on the same side. Otherwise, the original machining accuracy of the large-head aperture of the connecting rod cannot be guaranteed, and the correct fit between the tile and the shaft is also destroyed.

6. Injector Pressure Plate: The pressure plate is flat on one side and circular on the other. The installation should be such that the arc surface faces the injector body to ensure that the injector is centered without being deflected when it is pressed, otherwise it will easily leak the outside of the mounting hole.

7.Oil Seal: All oil seals, such as crankshaft oil seals, starter shaft oil seals, etc., should have the side with the self-tightening spring facing the body. If installed in reverse, the seal inside the crankcase is not tight, so that the oil leaks.

8. Piston Sleeve in the Fuel Injection Pump: the plunger with the crescent-shaped hole should be on the same side as the plunger sleeve positioning screw hole on the pump casing to ensure that the end of the positioning screw is screwed into the crescent-shaped groove to make the column The plug cannot rotate. If the reverse is installed (that is, the installation is rotated 180 degrees), it is possible that the positioning screw will block the oil return hole, and the oil supply will be out of control and cause the flying.

9. Two Small Washers on the Fuel Injection Pump: the washer on the plunger sleeve set screw is a copper washer, and the washer on the tappet guide screw is a spring washer. The two are not interchangeable or misplaced; otherwise, it will cause spray The diesel in the oil pump chamber leaks into the oil sump or leaks to the outside.

10. Respirator on the Gear Chamber Cover: When installing the middle reed assembly of the respirator, the reed should be outward to ensure that the respirator only exhales and does not inhale.

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