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Please read the installation instructions carefully before use. If you do not install correctly according to the requirements of the company, you will lose the right to warranty and claim.

The compressor is only responsible for gas compression in the entire air conditioning system, and is not responsible for refrigeration.
As long as the compressor does not leak, no abnormal noise, sufficient pressure, it is a qualified product.
When installing the compressor, first check whether the four feet and the bracket of the compressor are completely tight and stable. If the bracket is deformed, the individual feet of the machine have a dummy position. Please use the gasket to level it, and shake it firmly to confirm that there is no virtual position. Tighten the screw. If the cylinder is not vertical, it will cause the cylinder to leak and pull the cylinder.
When replacing the compressor, the miscellaneous product generated by the wear of the former bad compressor is present in the piping system,
so it is necessary to disassemble and clean the adjacent piping systems (special air conditioning pipeline cleaning fluid), and then dry it with pure
nitrogen to avoid clogging. Cause high pressure, high temperature damage the compressor again.
In the air conditioning system, the expansion valve and the drying bottle cannot be cleaned. It must be replaced with new ones. If the blockage
will cause high-pressure explosion pipes, it will directly threaten the safety of maintenance personnel. Before adding snow, the system should be
vacuumed to prevent the air from causing the expansion valve to block the ice. phenomenon.
Check the heat dissipation system, whether the condenser (heat dissipation net) is clean, whether there is any air leakage in the air blocking rubber pad, and whether the electric fan wind is normal. Please clean or replace it, be sure to maintain a good heat dissipation effect, and use the evacuation
meter for leak detection. Way, do not inflate to prevent air moisture from entering the pipeline.
The compressor should be filled with pure 134a snow, the amount of filling, double air outlet can not exceed 900 grams of net volume, single air
outlet can not exceed 700 grams of net volume, engine fixed speed 1500 rpm for fixed speed detection, low pressure 30-40MPa, high pressure 160 -180MPa According to the above parameters, the temperature of the tuyere should be between 8-10 degrees Celsius. If the temperature of the tuyere fails to reach this effect, the radiator system and pipeline circulation should be checked. The compressor of the company has been filled with sufficient freezing capacity according to the system capacity. Oil, it is strictly forbidden to add and replace when using.
7.Belt Tightness
After fixing the compressor bracket screw, the belt should be pressed with a force of 1/5. If the belt is too tight, it will cause the shaft seal and the electromagnet to be damaged due to the high temperature of the bearing.