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When the display changes from [STEP4CPU Adjustment] to [CPU Adjustment Not Available], adjustment cannot be performed.

A (display condition) is reading the engine speed, its speed is above 850RMP, when the step motor is upshifting and downshifting, if the speed drops by 10RPM after downshifting:

Cause: The engine speed sensor has not been correctly read.

Deal with:

1. After measuring the voltage of the speed sensor and adjusting it, adjust it by line A.

2. Pull out the sensor wiring plug and take a measurement.

3. High-speed idling should be above 3V (AC) (the lowest readable voltage of the controller).

4. When the factory adjustment, tell the idling to be above 4V (AC).

5. Specified voltage: 1.4~6V (AC).

6. Resistance value 2.3; 0.2 ohm

B (display condition) When there is abnormal rotation (offset) on the idling side of the element:

Cause: The adjustment of the adjustment rod of the progressive motor is poor.


1. After determining the adjustment link, make an A adjustment.

2. Adjust the length of the connecting rod: 288mm (SK200-6), 304mm (SK230-6), 198MM (SK320-6).

3. When the adjustment is still unbalanced, as an emergency treatment method, the buzzer stop switch is pressed once in the offset, and the virtual high-speed idling state can be entered to display [CPU adjustment end].

two. When [CPUROM Data] is displayed, adjustment cannot be made.

A (display condition) when an abnormality occurs inside the electromechanical controller.

Cause: There may be damage inside the electromechanical controller.

Disposal: When the electromechanical A adjustment is still not possible, the electromechanical controller should be replaced.

B (display condition) when the electromechanical controller is replaced.

Reason: No electromechanical A adjustment

Processing: Perform electromechanical A adjustment

When the display of [STPE 1 Adjusting Case] ​​cannot enter the display of [STEP 2 Clearance Adjustment], adjustment cannot be performed.

(Display adjustment) The limit switch signal (ground) in the progress motor can not enter the electromechanical controller.

Cause: The limit switch in the motor is defective; the motor of the motor is defective or there is a wire break.

Remedy: Check if the limit switch of the progressive motor is in the ON or OFF position; check the wiring, wiring, etc. for adjustment.

The above is the reason why the hydraulic machine can not adjust A, for reference only, original information. Do not redistribute without permission