Turbocharger 2674A371 2674A093 2674A094 U2674A093 Turbo GT2052S for Perkins Engine 1004-40T

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Buy Turbocharger 2674A371 2674A093 2674A094 U2674A093 Turbo GT2052S for Perkins Engine 1004-40T From SoonParts. New Aftermarket Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Bulldozers, Backhoes, Skid Steer Loaders Ect. Parts with Worldwide Fast Shipping!!!

Turbocharger 2674A371 2674A093 U2674A093 Turbo GT2052S for Perkins Engine 1004-40T

Cross Reference:
2674A371 2674A093 U2674A093 2674A094

Engine:Perkins Engine 1004-40T
Turbo Model:GT2052S

With Gaskets

See Details:
AK36000 AK36001 AK36002 AK36005 AK36006 AK36009 AK36012 AK36015 AK36019 AK36020 AK36025 AK36030 AK36035 AK36041 AK36042 AK36043 AK36044 AK36045 AK36046 AK36047 AK36048 AK36049 AK36051 AK36054 AK36063 AK36071 AK36079 AK36085 AK36093 AK36094 AK36095 AK36096 AK36097 AK36109 AK36116 AK36117 AK36131 AK36139 AK36142 AK36148 AK36149 AK36154 AK36162 AK36164 AK36168 AK36170 AK36177 AK36186 AK36187 AK36189 AK36193 AK36196 AK36209 AK36225 AK36228 AK36229 AK36237 AK36239 AK36243 AK36244 AK36247 AK36251 AK36259 AK36283 AK36291 AK36297 AK36301 AK36303 AK36308 AK36310 AK36312 AK36345 AK36354 AK36360 AK36362 AK36364 AK36367 AK36372 AK36375 AK36380 AK36382 AK36387 AK36388 AK36394 AK36399 AK36405 AK36409 AK36410 AK36418 AK36420 AK36426 AK36436 AK36445 AK36450 AK36454 AK36456 AK36459 AK36465 AK36468 AK36469 AK36483 AK36489 AK36500 AK36506 AK36519 AK36521 AK36525 AK36527 AK36529 AK36530 AK36538 AK36539 AK36543 AK36551 AK36558 AK36559 AK36562 AK36567 AK36570 AK36571 AK36572 AK36574 AK36575 AK36582 AK36584 AK36585 AK36588 AK36591 AK36604 AK36606 AK36613 AK36615 AK36618 AK36632 AK36633 AK36634 AK36638 AK36639 AK36648 AK36649 AK36650 AK36651 AK36657 AK36658 AK36662 AK36664 AK36668 AK36669 AK36676 AK36678 AK36682 AK36694 AK36706 AK36714 AK36715 AK36718 AK36722 AK36723 AK36724 AK36732 AK36741 AK36742 AK36750 AK36764 AK36767 AK36768 AK36773 AK36776 AK36778 AK36780 AK36787 AK36789 AK36800 AK36810 AK36822 AK36830 AK36833 AK36834 AK36839 AK36848 AK36856 AK36857 AK36860 AK36861 AK36863 AK36870 AK36875 AK36880 AK36883 AK36884 AK36889 AK36897 AK36901 AK36903 AK36922 AK36927 AK36929 AK36930 AK36936 AK36944 AK36945 AK36948 AK36952 AK36956 AK36957 AK36961 AK36962 AK36970 AK36973 AK36974 AK36975 AK36991 AK36993 AK36994 AK36996 AK36999 AK37008 AK37009 AK37010 AK37013 AK37016 AK37021 AK37022 AK37028 AK37029 AK37030 AK37031 AK37033 AK37035 AK37036 AK37037 AK37038 AK37046 AK37054 AK37063 AK37065 AK37067 AK37070 AK37071 AK37075 AK37081 AK37083 AK37084 AK37085 AK37088 AK37090 AK37100 AK37107 AK37113 AK37114 AK37115 AK37118 AK37119 AK37121 AK37128 AK37130 AK37138 AK37141 AK37145 AK37159 AK37160 AK37169 AK37172 AK37173 AK37174 AK37183 AK37186 AK37189 AK37190 AK37194 AK37196 AK37198 AK37199 AK37201 AK37206 AK37207 AK37210 AK37212 AK37215 AK37216 AK37225 AK37231 AK37232 AK37235 AK37268 AK37278 AK37280 AK37281 AK37596 AK37597 AK37619 AK37625 AK37628 AK37642 AK37649 AK37650 AK37654 AK37667 AK37679 AK37682 AK37703 AK37709 AK37719 AK37735 AK37760 AK37761 AK37765 AK37766 AK37775 AK37777 AK37790 AK37805 AK37806 AK37815 AK37839 AK37869 AK37892 AK37922 AK37937 AK38051 AK50602 AK50603 AK50717 AK50723 AK50726 AK50737 AK50738 AK50751 AK50826 AK50827 AK70383 AK70386 AK70387 AK70389 AK70394 AK70400 AK70448 AK70453 AK70458 AK70476 AK70490 AK70492 AK70495 AK70497 AK70506 AK70511 AK70526 AK70543 AK70547 AK70548 AK70549 AK70559 AK70560 AK80908 AK80920 AK80939 AK80945 AK80985 AK81003 AK81029 AK81032 AK81045 AK81050 AK81053 AK81054 AK81076 AK81088 AK81099 AK81104 AK81111 AK81128  AK81132 AK81137 AK81138 AK81143 AK81152 AK81158 AK81182 AK81196 AK81215 AK81218 AK81225 AK81237 AK81240 AK81287 AK81289 AK81292 AK81305 AK81335 AK81349 AK81355 AK9B700 AQ36010 AQ36011 AQ36040 AQ70388 AQ70395 AQ70398 AQ70399 AQ70401 AQ70449 AQ70512 AQ70550 AQ70553

More Information
OEM NO. 2674A371,2674A093,U2674A093
Engine For Perkins
Engine NO. 1004-40T

Something about Turbocharger Before order:

  • Q1: Can I get a CHRA for this turbo?

    A1:We offer complete turbocharger only.

  • Q2: How do I confirm with turbocharger?

    A2:Please buy turbocharger according to part number or please contact us at: [email protected], we will answer all your questions.

  • Q3:I do not have part number, only have old turbo at hand.

    A3: Please offer the old turbocharger picture, and send us turbocharger nameplate picture, we will check and confirm the turbo.

  • Q4: I do not have part number, engine model, turbocharger nameplate.

    A4:Please send us the demension ppicutures of your old turbocharger, we will match for you.

  • Q5: I offer you a part number and engine model, but what I receive is little differnt with my old turbo.

    A5: Only in this case, the old turbo and new turbo's part number is interchangeable.Please install the new turbo and it will definitely work well.

  • Q6: Can it ship to my country?

    A6: Yes, of course, we cooperate with global express companies, such as: UPS, DHL, Fedex...etc to make sure we can server customer from worldwide.

  • Q7: What can be done to prolong the life of the turbocharger?

    A7: Regularly replace the oil filter, do turbo cleaning frequently, do not shut down the engine immediately after work, good selection and reasonable use of gas.

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